21 September 2007

Early Survey Results: Giuliani Clear Favorite in Connecticut

As part of our weekly e-mail, the Republican Heard, we asked fellow Republicans to weigh in on a Presidential Campaign 2008 survey. There were seven questions asked of respondents.

A couple of necessary disclaimers - 1) This is not a scientific poll nor is it statistically valid. 2) CTGOP in no way endorses, aids, or supports any candidate for the Republican Presidential nomination. 3) This survey in no way has any effect on the nature of the relationship between CTGOP and any Presidential candidate/campaign. 4) There are still responses to the survey being cast, so we will update these results periodically. 5) The final question of the survey asked respondents for their impressions overall of the Presidential campaigns. We did not seek permission to publicly reveal these impressions, and shall not do so in the future. Therefore there are only six questions here.

Question 1: Which Presidential Candidate are you currently supporting?
Mayor Rudy Giuliani 32.1%
Gov. Mitt Romney 14.8%
Gov. Mike Huckabee 3.9%
Senator John McCain 7.6%
Senator Sam Brownback 1.2%
Rep. Duncan Hunter 0.6%
Rep. Ron Paul 3.6%
Sen. Fred Thompson 23.6%
Rep. Tom Tancredo 0.3%
Alan Keyes 0.3%
Other 6.1%

Question 2: How committed are you to that candidate?
Strongly - Will Not Change 19.7%
Somewhat - Probably Will Not Change 37.3%
Leaning - Could Change 29.7%
Soft - Probably Will Change 1.5%
Uncommitted/Undecided 5.5%

Question 3: What issue is most important to you as you consider the 2008 Presidential election?
War in Iraq 10.3%
War on Terrorism 28.8%
Foreign Affairs 1.5%
Homeland Security 8.2%
Government Spending 12.7%
Immigration 12.4%
Health Care 3.6%
Education 0.9%
Ethics 3.6%
Taxes 8.2%
Transportation 0.6%
Social Security/Medicare 1.8%

Question 4: How much attention do you pay to the Presidential campaigns?
I spend 5 hours or more each week considering the Presidential campaigns 24.8%
I spend between 3 and 5 hours per week on the Presidential campaigns 17.6%
I spend between 1 and 3 hours per week focusing on the Presidential campaigns? 25.8%
I spend less than one hour each week on the campaigns 21.2%
I do not pay attention to the campaigns 4.5%

Question 5: Which Democrat Presidential candidate do you think will win the Democratic nomination?
Sen. Hillary Clinton 70.3%
Sen. Barack Obama 12.7%
Sen. Chris Dodd 0.9%
Sen. John Edwards 5.5%
Sen. Joe Biden 0.6%
Gov. Bill Richardson 0.9%
Rep. Dennis Kucinich 0.6%
Sen. Mike Gravel 0.0%

Question 6: Do you visit the websites of Presidential candidates?
Yes 28.5%
No 65.8%


CasualObserver said...

Loved the survey!!

danderson12 said...

The only true conservative in the
race is Ron Paul.
Go Ron Paul!