14 September 2007

Chris Murphy - What Us Worry About Iraq?

Congressman Chris Murphy's canned response to President Bush's address to the nation should give every Connecticut resident pause. You may disagree on why American troops are in Iraq. You may think that the war was wrong, immoral, a lie or whatever the hate propaganda Moveon.org spew out on a daily basis. But Murphy's fundamental misunderstanding of the conflict that faces this nation, his naivette and softheaded approach to life and death matters would be comical if the issue was not so serious. Both he and Joe Courtney make a perfect couple in Washington, content in the bossom of a party that runs from every fight and lights candles at every concert.

Thursday night, Murphy assembled some friendlies at the Slade Middle School in New Britain to assess the President's address. They even had a political science professor from CCSU on hand to ring her hands and wail about how America has become the problem.
The first-term Congressman was almost reciting the liberal mantra and Moveon.org spiel verbatim. Don't believe a four-star general who has been on the ground, believe the General Accounting Office. Don't believe that providing security means democratic institutions will follow or my favorite, the implication that America is creating more problems and is seen as the bad guy.

According to the New Britain Herald Friday,

"Murphy also made the point that military success noted by Gen. David H. Petraeus, the U.S. military commander in Iraq, does not necessarily lead to political success."

Really - is that it works? Oh, military success, meaning peace and security does not create an atmosphere of political organization, the growth of commerce and a stability to everyday life? So by that logic, we need more chaos for their to be political success - like the U.S. Congress?

But there was an even better comment, according to the Herald:

"Murphy said for America to gain allies "we need to be seen less of a bully and more of a friend." America, he warned, cannot continue to afford this war.

Allies don't come your way because your friendly and offer them candy bars and Britney Spears videos. They stand with you when you stand with them, shed blood if need be and hang in there when the Chris Murphy's of the world say "never mind."

And Murphy has still refused to repudiate the rantings of his main sponsor in his winning 2006 campaign, Moveon.org, which ran an over-the-top full page ad in the New York Times, assailing Gen. Petraeus, calling him "General Betray Us."

Moveon.org spent over $500,000 destroying Nancy Johnson in 2006, including the charming ad which superimposed blood on the 12-term, mother and grandmother's hands.

What Us Worry?


pikaso said...

Chris Murphy can not speak on his own because he
now must use the words scripted for him by the
socialist democratic party. Moveon.com is the mouth
peace for the zionist bolchavixs and all the entities
that search to destroy America!Like Dodd and the others in Connecticut, it's politicians like this that are
blood brothers to Chaves,Castro and the other dictators of south America.These are the same people that raise your taxes to pay for the illegals in
our State while ignoring the call of CT. citizen to stop
taking from our pockets.Stop making laws that sufficate our rights!These are the people you
vote for?

Anonymous said...

"These are the same people that raise your taxes to pay for the illegals"

Oh, you must mean the illegals who mow your lawn, nanny your kids, and work under the table for your construction business. Instead of getting them health insurance, you send them to the ER when they get sick.