15 August 2007

The Tale of Chris Murphy’s Changing Stories

Chris Murphy initially missed the lobbying reform bill even though during the 2006 campaign he stated that missing any vote was “inexcusable.”

Congressman Murphy tried to explain why he missed the vote, here are the 3 stories he’s told.

Tall Tale 1:
Murphy had first explained that he “got caught up in conversation off the floor.”

Tall Tale 2:
However, Murphy then told the Hartford Courant “he did not remember where he was.”

Murphy later told both papers that missing the key vote was simply an “oversight.”

Tall Tale 3:
Now, Murphy is giving another tale as to why he missed the vote. Apparently Murphy believes ignorance is bliss, his new story for missing the vote was in today’s News Times Live article.

He stated that he had “no idea how I missed the vote" on the lobbying reform legislation. -New Times Live August 15, 2007

Chris Murphy promised to clean up Washington, but so far he has failed to deliver for the voters of Connecticut. Instead, Murphy has quickly become part of the Washington problem he once railed against.