20 August 2007

Richard O. Belden

Statment by Chairman Chris Healy on the passing of the Honorable Richard O. Belden, State Representative from Shelton.

“The passing of Richard O. Belden is a tremendous loss to his family, the people of Shelton, the Connecticut Legislature and the State of Connecticut. As the longest continuous serving member of the House in Connecticut history, Dick Belden represented his constituents with determination, hard work and class.”

“There was no one who took more time being decent and fair to others who crossed his path. Dick Belden embodied the word “service” in everything he did – service to the people who elected him, service to the Republican Party and service to his state and country.”

“Dick Belden was a gentleman and a gentle man and there are few who ever had a cross word with him. He could work across party lines, be resolute in his beliefs and always took the time to counsel the next generation of leaders.”

“Every Republican joins in expressing their prayers for his wife, Bert, the Belden family and rejoicing in the work of his life. Dick Belden was a true patriot and we are all in his debt for his years of service to the betterment of his community.”