30 August 2007

Republican Revival in New London

Never a faithful friend to Republicans, The Day (New London) of all newspapers, lauded the "resuscitation" of the Republican Party in New London yesterday. The article, well worth a good read, heaps praise on Republican Town Committee Chairman Mike Doyle - also an active member of the Republican State Central Committee - and the excitement generated by having a Republican team that seems poised to give the entrenched Democrats a run for their money this fall.

"Mr. Doyle said there is excitement in the political air.

On that count, he's correct. Anything to interest voters in the upcoming municipal election is a positive. And as party chairman, it's his job to entice candidates who will be elected."

All across Connecticut, Republican successes are being noticed and appreciated by people fed up with the status quo and entrenched bureaucracy in this state. The GOP is on the march.


Anonymous said...

This will be an exciting season for the New London County Republicans.