31 August 2007

Presidential Debate Live Blog

Wednesday, September 5th
Beginning at 5pm
Live from the Whittemore Center, University of New Hampshire

From a NHGOP release:

First in the Fall Presidential Debate:
Sean Hannity
Brit Hume
Chris Wallace
Wendell Goler
Carl Cameron

Pre-Debate Reception:
Senator Jim Talent
Bill Shipman, Cato Institute
Congressman Vin Weber
Fmr. NH Senator Russell Prescott
Ben Ginsberg
Fred Bramante
Barbara Comstock
NH Senator Bob Clegg
Other Special Guests
Confirmed Presidential Candidates Include:
Senator Sam Brownback
Mayor Rudy Giuliani
Governor Mike Huckabee
Congressman Duncan Hunter
Senator John McCain
Congressman Ron Paul
Governor Mitt Romney
Congressman Tom Tancredo


Anonymous said...

Don't you think Tom Tancredo looks like Norman Fell? Do we really want Mr. Roper running our country?