21 August 2007

The Hits Keep on Coming for Perez

Hartford Mayor Eddie Perez, already under attack from fellow Democrats for [pick whichever attack seems fit to you] (1) his support of Senator Lieberman in the 2006 campaign, (2) gross incompetence and negligence, (3) creating bitter enemies from his vicious style, (4) corruption, or (5) political opportunism, is the subject of a twofer today in the Courant.

It appears that the Mayor's aides have rallied around the leader, like pioneers rallying around George Donner. They claim that the Mayor had no influence in the retention of Costa as a city contractor, despite the fact that numerous reviews found fault with Costa's work, mostly for his apparent inability to finish the work on time.

We also learned that the Mayor favored polished brass in his biscuit-colored bathroom - and that's just the title of the article! While crafting what surely was a handsome la Salle de Bains, Mr. Perez thought that the contractor had ascertained the appropriate permits, while the contractor believed that Mr. Perez had taken care of them. Sadly, the "historic increase in building permits" touted as an accomplishment on Eddie Perez's campaign website didn't include a few keys ones from the Mayor himself. But, you know, when you are the Law, you need not live under it.

Be Encouraged Hartford, Change is Coming.