17 August 2007

Hartford Mayor Under Fire

Hartford Democrat Mayor Eddie Perez is under fire today after a search warrant was executed at his home by state investigators. Mayor Perez is accused of using a city contractor, Carlos Costa, to perform the renovations at his home without acquiring the proper permits - which the Mayor seems to concede - and there are questions about how Mr. Costa was paid for the work.

Chairman Chris Healy weighed in on the allegations, saying, "The Democratic leadership in Hartford and Eddie Perez once again are giving the people of Hartford great cause for concern and should be more focused on what's going on in Hartford like people being shot in the streets," Healy said. "Here we are once again with some very serious allegations about a contractor."

Courtesy of WFSB, the Chairman went on to say: "This is what happens when one party runs a city for years. Its entrenched, its bureaucratic, and this is just one more example of that."

It's time for the good people of Hartford to surf on over to J. Stan McCauley's website and listen to the good words of this fine gentleman - especially the prophetic words in his tagline: Be Encouraged Hartford Change is Coming. Its about time.