15 August 2007

The Dodd Numbers

Some numbers to consider about Connecticut's Senior Senator Chris Dodd.

$6.5 Million -cash on hand for his presidential campaign

74-The number of votes that Dodd has missed in the first session of Congress

23.9%-The percentage of votes that Dodd has missed in the first session of Congress. Interestingly enough our Junior Senator Joe Lieberman has only missed 5 votes or 1.6%

1%-The percentage that Dodd recieved in a presidential poll back in March.

1%-The percentage that Dodd just recieved in a presidential poll for August.

3 Million-The number of Connecticut residents who are starting to realize they only have one senator currently working full time for them.

How much longer will till Dodd be wondering the Iowa cornfields?


Anonymous said...

Sorry to change the subject but I think it would be great to have a link to David Cappiello's website and focus on his campaign more. He has a really good chance to possibly pull off a win and building him up on this blog will only help.

Judy Aron said...

As for Dodd's numbers you forgot this one:

0% - the chance Dodd has of winning the Democrat nomination.

Andrew Powaleny said...

Thanks Judy, this 100% true!

Anonymous said...

Dodd has been Senator for what, 30 years? I've lived in my town for more than 20 years and he has never, never set foot in it, as far as I know. Him missing votes in DC is just more of the same. He's never represented CT in DC, just himself.