18 July 2007

Ron Paul Winning Bumper Sticker War in New Hampshire?

It may be hot outside but the same can’t be said for Ron Paul’s poll numbers. While the Texas Congressman doesn’t do all that hot in the political polls in the republican presidential race, there are signs for hope.

For the Paul campaign there hasn’t been a whole lot of good news, so here’s just a little.

It seems that his campaign is winning the bumper sticker contest in New Hampshire.

After spending 3 days in Hampton Beach and other New Hampshire localities I noticed not just a few cars but well over twenty-some that had their Ron Paul stickers being sported.

So how does a guy who can’t get past 2 percent in polls be doing so well in the bumper sticker contest? Perhaps Mr. Paul himself is literally going around the granite state and pasting them on cars himself. This of course is just a theory, but it maybe true.

So while Mr. Paul can’t get those poll numbers up, I do have to give credit for getting those stickers out. However, I have to wonder what’s next for the Paul campaign.

Will we see a TV spot like Mike Gravel’s where he just stares in the camera and doesn’t say anything then throws a rock aimlessly in the water? One can only hope.


Anonymous said...

Hasn't been good news lately for Paul? What campaign have you been watching?

Paul's campaign is catching on like wildfire.

Bret Moore said...

The answer is, all those people bought their own stickers, and the pollsters obviously didn't call them. With some 20% of people "undecided" and only some 6% "sure" of for whom they will vote (I imagine that number constitutes at least 50% Ron Paul supporters), I think that Ron Paul is not so much on the outside looking in, as he is already at the top of the hill, waiting for the rest of the kids to make it up so he can say "What took y'all so long?"

Get ready. This is gonna be big.