12 July 2007

No Doubt About Cappiello: The Real Deal

Senator David Cappiello of Danbury released his 2nd Quarter fundraising numbers this evening, announcing that he has collected $200,432.00 in contributions this period. Senator Cappiello's operation is running lean, reporting $184,958.83 cash on hand. And unlike 'PAC-MAN' Murphy, 262 of the 282 donors to the Cappiello effort were from Connecticut.

Even more encouraging is the review of recent history: in 2005, then-candidate Murphy raised $99,214.99 in July, $139,850.00 in October, and $167,492.27 in January 2006. That puts Cappiello's fundraising drive comparable to two Murphy quarters of '05, and greater than the January '06 Murphy effort. Senator Cappiello is clearly primed to wage a hard fought campaign on the issues that matter most to the people of the Fifth District.

One term Rep. Chris Murphy has shown himself adept at staging 'feel good' events, like the recent stop in Torrington where Mr. Murphy 'just happened' to be caught by the press knocking on doors along two streets in town. Funny how that happens.

Of course, when Murphy isn't staging photo opportunities, he is busy selling his constituents a heavy dose of hypocrisy. As first reported by the Majority Accountability Project, Rep. Murphy said, on the day of his swearing in, that earmarks should at least be more "transparent". But then Mr. Murphy refused to release his list of earmarks, unlike Republican Congressman Christopher Shays of the 4th Congressional District. The Westport News hailed Congressman Shays for his honesty and transparency. No such words for Mr. Murphy.

These fundraising numbers from Cappiello should relieve all doubts from the pundits - Senator Cappiello is the real thing.