15 July 2007

New Hampshire Adventure

I'm in New Hampshire this weekend to tour this first-in-the-nation primary state to talk to folks and get a sense of the crowd as the Presidential primary is only months and months away.

I'm pointed toward Hillsborough, NH for the Hillsborough Balloon Festival. Its slightly overcast and looks like we could be in for an early afternoon boomer instead of a midday parade. No remote blogging if its raining.

The funny thing about New Hampshire politics is how self-contained it is. Walking down the street on Friday night, I ran into Politico reporters Mike Allen and Jonathan Martin, as well as The New Republic's Mike Crowley. They were a charming trio to engage in a humorous discussion of too polite thieves, post-modernism, and the chances for political fortune in 2008. Just one example of the stroll through sampler of NH in the throes of presidential political battle.

Its now POURING here in Hillsborough. We are hunkered underneath the eaves of a school where I'd say that POTUS staffers and volunteers outnumber townspeople, I'd guess 2-1. More waxing philosophical (and perhaps somewhat sardonic at times, too!) to come.