03 July 2007

Scooter Gets Justice

Scooter Libby, former Chief-of-Staff to Vice President Cheney, was convicted of a crime that never happened. And in the twisted world of federal prosecution, managed to snag a completely over-the-top 30-month sentence from a federal judge. The left has painted him as an architect of doom and lies surrounding the Iraq War and the country's planning for it.

Thankfully, President Bush showed good sense is wiping out the prison time for Libby, but kept the conviction on his record. His pardon was both compassionate and within the constructs of this powers.

Compared to Bill Clinton, Bush has shown restraint and caution with his pardons. Lest we forget how Clinton pardoned a slew of miscreants like major donor and corrupt financier Marc Rich, Puerto Rican terrorist and of course, his old girl friend, Susan McDougal, who cooled her slung back heels in the can rather than tell the truth about the Clinton's various misdeeds in Arkansas. At least McDougal showed she was a soldier.

Libby has served his country with clarity and purpose. Those who hate Bush channeled their anger toward Libby because he was effective and loyal. Bush sees the Democrats for what they are and did the right thing.


Anonymous said...

Scooter needs to serve some prison time. He did something wrong and should be punished for it!