05 July 2007

It Ain't Easy Being a Protester

Opponents to the Iraq War finally have found some meaning in their lives - or at least something to do.

Peeved that their tax dollars pay for bombs, war protesters have begun skipping their contributions to Uncle Sam's bank account, according to a story in today's Hartford Courant.

Unfortunately for these activists, angry policemen will not break down their doors to arrest them, as in the olden days:

"Unlike the days when Thoreau was sent to prison in a tax protest against the Mexican-American War, modern war tax protesters rarely go to prison, according to tax resisters. The IRS may take their money from wages and bank accounts - with penalties and interest - after sending a series of letters."

This development leaves one protester feeling glum:

"'They're very polite, which makes it a little boring,' said Rosa Packard of Greenwich, a longtime anti-war tax protester."

God forbid these protesters have a slow day.


fuzzyturtle said...

so I take it you're pro war?

why am I not surprised