27 July 2007

DeStefano Plan Goes Presidential

Who says Connecticut doesn't matter when it comes to Presidential politics?

After erstwhile Gubernatorial candidate and New Haven Mayor John DeStefano's Identification Card Program for illegal immigrants passed the New Haven Board of Aldermen - without the support of Republican Alderman Arlene DePino - the city received significant statewide and national media attention for the program. Mayor DeStefano got his mug (or at least his voice) on television a number of times.

With the ID card program going into effect, the issue has bubbled up to the Presidential level. Today at a Town Hall meeting in Ottumwa, Iowa, former Gov. Mitt Romney took a question (in Spanish no less) from a gentleman asking about the program. Romney passed on commenting on the specific New Haven program and instead gave a broad answer about "sanctuary cities" before pivoting to illegal immigration as a big issue.

As the New Haven plan goes into action, look for more Presidential candidates to be asked about the program and its potential implications for the U.S.