09 July 2007

Darkhorse Huckabee Re-tools Campaign Website

Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee has rolled out a re-tooled campaign website in an effort to put a fresh coat of paint on Huckabee's bid for the Republican Presidential nomination. Gov. Huckabee is a mishmash of sorts: a successful Republican in a very Democrat state, an evangelical Christian minister who plays bass in a classic rock band, and the most recent iteration of "the Man from Hope" Son of the South who wants to be President - along with the previous version's wife.

The new website offers visitors a more streamlined look, staking claim as a "Proven Leader. Authentic Conservative." The now standard features of a blog, RSS Feed, YouTube, etc. are all well placed and accessible. The Huckabee efforts has outpaced the pack on the Internet, with a strong eCampaign effort, despite the early employ of the increasingly vapid "I like Mike" tagline.

Huckabee has all the tools to be competitive - a compelling, multi-faceted story that touches on some of the hot-button issues in America and a personality that appeals. Take health care: the health care reference website WebMD characterizes obesity this way: "It's a health hazard." And yet, in the United States, it is estimated that 24.5% of Americans are obese. Huckabee's story of dropping 110 pounds in 2003 shows leadership by example, and demonstrates how the cost of American health care can be driven down by having folks simply take care of themselves. And his folksy, down home delivery of the message is hard to resist.

Huckabee is still a darkhorse in this race, but with the Fred Thompson dance starting to lose its sex appeal, Senator McCain in free fall, and Rudy still hotly questioned on his values, the "Man from Hope" could be a candidate to watch in months ahead.