23 July 2007

Dance, Democrats, Dance!

Some thoughts on tonight's Democratic Primary Debate...

If Senator Obama doesn't accept money from lobbyists, then why did he point out that he supported a law which required him to disclose publicly which lobbyists gave him money?

I don't think that man's question was about "big change," Senator Edwards, I think it was "if you had to pick a Republican Congressman or Governor to be your running mate, who would it be and why?"

Representative Kucinich, where in our Constitution does it say that "all are created equal?" (I believe that's the Declaration of Independence.)

If Senator Biden's rule is "where we can, America must," then how about Iraq?

Can Senator Edwards not steal other people's ideas?

Are the Democrats aware that George Bush won't be President in 2009?

Why does the audience cheer when Senator Gravel says American troops died in vain in Vietnam, yet stay silent when Senators Obama says no troop ever dies in vain when serving his country?

Can Senator Edwards answer a question?

Don't ask Democrats about Iraq. There is no military solution. There is no political solution. It's a quagmire. It's endless. We have to pull out now. No, we can't pull out now - but soon. Hey let's send 2,500 U.S. troops to Darfur!

Bill Richardson wants a minimum wage for teachers - I mean, the National Education Association wants a minimum wage for teachers. (Note: I thought I was kidding when I wrote that, but turns out it's true.)

No, no, no! Senators Edwards, Obama, and Clinton didn't send their kids to private schools! Where did you get a silly idea like that? Well, maybe Obama and Clinton did...but not Edwards!

Okay, who made the snowman video?

Who's the guy who clapped for Rep. Kucinich's "global warring" line?

You go Senator Gravel! You took the bus!

Is Senator Obama aware that Dick Cheney won't be Vice President in 2009?

Newsflash: Hillary Clinton is agnostic (about nuclear power).

I didn't realize "verifying paper trails" was such a crowd pleaser.

You're doing pretty well Chris - at least Barack thinks so!

So Governor Richardson wants you to be able to transfer your pension, but not your Social Security.

So if you complain about taxes, Senator Biden will raise them even higher - on rich people, of course.

Rep. Kucinich thinks if we pull out of NAFTA and the WTO, we'll end our trade deficit. He just flunked Economics 101.

John's a plan. Barack's a plan. Everywhere there's a health care plan.

"Hedge funds" is code for "bankers on Wall Street." FYI.

Who's the guy in charge of streaming the YouTube videos? Probably the same one who put the "X" over Dick Cheney's face.

Senator Dodd really spoiled our fun. We could have seen Senator Clinton put the smackdown on Senator Obama.

Props to Anderson Cooper on Kucinich. Great line.

Well I'm exhausted. The winner? Ah, forget it.


Anonymous said...

The reason no one clapped when it was said that no one dies in vain when they are serving our country is because over 3600 have died in vain in Iraq. Why would you applaud our service men dying in Vain?

Brian Bolduc said...

This is a rare case where I agree with Senator Obama. No soldier ever dies in vain serving his/her country. Even if Iraq were to collapse, the terrorists that those soldiers confronted there are terrorists that didn't end up here.

And I don't think I would appreciate such a statement if one of my friends died in Iraq.