25 July 2007

The Connecticut GOP Primary: What Do You Think?

Do you remember when John McCain’s straight talk brought him the state of Connecticut in its GOP Primary seven years ago? It is said that history has a chance of repeating itself, but it’s looking more and more doubtful that the McCain magic will once again sweep the land of steady habits.

While presidential polls here in Connecticut are not printed daily or even weekly, the last one a few months ago in May was telling. Rudy Giuliani was leading with 36% compared to McCain’s 15% and Romney’s 9%.¹

Of course these numbers change daily and my guess is that Rudy is still leading with Romney gaining above McCain.

Internet buzz surrounding Texas Congressman Ron Paul last had him at 2% in Connecticut and a new poll would be interesting to see if his numbers have climbed. A previous piece I did focused on Paul’s success in winning the bumper sticker war in New Hampshire but will that translate into votes?

Then there’s Fred Thompson who just had a campaign shakeup before his campaign has even begun. Yes, you read it right, a “campaign shakeup” for a campaign that hasn’t even begun. Tom Collamore is out as head of the campaign and in is “Randy Enwright, a Florida consultant who was the political director” according to The Politico.

So let’s here from you. Who do you think will win the Connecticut Republican Primary? Also, what do you think of the ghost candidacies of Newt Gingrich and Fred Thompson?

1: http://www.quinnipiac.edu/x1296.xml?ReleaseID=1061


Judy Aron said...

Let's see, who is the most like a Democrat - that'll be the guy CT picks ...

- sigh

Anonymous said...

Giuliani will win CT. He is the most moderate candidate, and so are CT Republicans.

Andrew Powaleny said...

Rudy has the best chance however I wouldn't be suprised if Romney comes on strong as well. Both are the type of candidate CT voters would vote for.