21 July 2007

The Bully Weighs In On Simmons

Ray Hackett of the Norwich Bulletin wrote a nice piece about Former 2nd District Congressman Rob Simmons who recently spoke in Norwich.

Simmons was appointed by Gov. Rell earlier this year to fill the position as State Business Advocate, a position in which Simmons is the first to hold.

Simmons himself is looking forward to offering legislation to the Governor and General Assembly that will aide our small businesses here in Connecticut.

According to Hacket “Simmons told the gathering many problems facing businesses in Connecticut stem from the regulatory process, some of which will require legislative action to change. And that may take time.

"Regulatory agencies tend to take a parental approach to business," said Attorney Ted Philips, "telling business what they can't do, instead of telling business here's how to do it."

Simmons said one priority for him is to develop an interactive Web page that allows users to ask questions and receive answers to problems.

"But we have to work our way through that," he said. "If we don't change some of these stigmatic issues now, in three or five years we're going to be in trouble."

One highlight in the piece is from Bob Reed who had this to say about Simmons: “"I think Rob was the best congressman the 2nd District ever had," Bob Reed said, "and we were lucky to have him. But I got to tell you, I went into a depression when he lost. But that depression lifted when I heard he was going to be the state's business advocate. I said, 'Yes, we're going to be OK.'"