10 July 2007

Another Blog Post about Rep. Ron Paul

For those of you caught unaware, here you must start. The revolution has started, friends, and it was not televised. But like most good revolutions, it came from Texas. Its led by a somewhat odd and heretofore discounted man with outside-the-box ideas and a soft down home twang. Doctor Ron Paul, United States Congressman from the 14th Congressional District of Texas, is running for the Republican nomination to be President of the United States.

The good Doctor Paul is a obstetrician by trade, and makes claim on his website to having delivered more than 4,000 babies in his life. He is a former US Air Force surgeon and has five children with his wife, Carol. But enough of the fluff.

Congressman Paul has read the Constitution of this great nation, and it spells out exactly what the government ought to spend money on. And if it isn't in the Constitution, Representative Paul doesn't vote for it. Ever. Again according to the website, Mr. Paul says that he has:

  • never voted for a tax increase
  • never voted for an unbalanced budget
  • never taken a government-paid junket
  • didn't vote for the Patriot Act
  • didn't vote for the Iraq War Authorization
  • didn't vote to regulate the Internet

That makes Ron Paul a rare bird in Washington, D.C. - a man who actually acts on principles and stays true to them, regardless of the blowing political winds. In one recent television interview, he proudly noted that as a Doctor, he never accepted Medicare payments, and has never voted for a Congressional pay raise. He lives his beliefs. But enough about all that - back to the revolution.

Here is what you need to do now. Go to Google. Type in "Ron Paul for President". There are more than 2 million websites that mention Dr. Paul's name. Blip on the radar screen, you may think? He's got more money in the bank that McCain, he's got a better store than Giuliani, and his people are motivated to work. On the Internet, Ron Paul is a big deal. In fact, he's got perhaps one of the savviest websites of the 2008 campaign on the GOP side to boot.

Is Congressman Paul going to win the nomination? No. But is he going to inspire people, spread his ideas, and force people to rethink their positions on issues - all while standing firmly for his convictions? Yes.


Judy Aron said...

What makes you so sure he won't win the nomination? Maybe people are ready for a change in the Republican party (which by the way has not been acting too Republican for some time now)- I think the primaries are going to be very interesting indeed.