16 July 2007

AARP for Arnold

Today's Wall Street Journal details the Governator's plan for universal health care in California, and its Democratic (yet less harsh) counterpart:

[Health-Care Quarrel]

AARP applauds Arnold's heavy-handed proposal, which leaves Democrats rattling their glasses:

"Fabian Núñez, the Democratic speaker of the state Assembly, says he wasn't expecting such a comprehensive proposal. 'I think the governor in some ways was further to the left' than Democratic leaders, says Mr. Núñez. Their plans weren't aiming for universal coverage."

But insurance companies point to whom will be left holding the bag:

"Blue Cross says if it's forced to offer coverage to all comers, that might lead to higher premiums for people who can now buy reasonably priced coverage. The company dominates California's big market for health insurance bought by individuals, and it has built up expertise in figuring out which customers are a good risk -- expertise that would be less valuable under a universal-coverage program."

Like Hillary-Care, Arnold-Care will be a most comprehensive health care coverage - and perhaps a deadly one.