10 June 2007

The "Super" Majority

From today's Colin McEnroe piece in the Courant:

"2. Speaker Amann. Some day there will be a handsome multivolume
leather-bound set chronicling the idiocies of this man, and possibly by that time he will have acquired a health aide who can read it aloud to him while he gibbers away in senescence. For now, I call your attention to the day in April when he called Rell a "dishonorable human being," not because of any ethical failings in her office but because of her tendency to welsh on deals she has made with him for pork and earmarks, as if her reluctance to honor backroom bargains for spending sprees of state bonding money was a huge moral failing.

3. Senate President Pro Tem Don Williams. He has always seemed more studied and scholarly than his House counterpart, but then so does a hydrophobic dog. He promised us a very serious stab at health care reform, but, as the session wore on and nothing was accomplished, that moustache began to evoke E. Buzz Miller, the Dan Ackroyd character who hawked "science videos" of insects fornicating on late night cable ads."

From "Who Among This Crowd Will Save Us?" by Colin McEnroe, published in the Courant (Hartford) on June 10, 2007. http://www.courant.com/news/local/hc-colin0610.artjun10,0,6629525.column