20 June 2007

POTUS 2008: Thompson, Bloomberg, Romney

Campaign for the Presidential Nomination
Former Tennessee Senator and 2007 Prescott Bush Awards Dinner Keynote Speaker Fred Thompson has a new feature out on his website, "I'm With Fred" - they've added a blog with video, news, and links.

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg Leaves GOP
The Mayor of New York City, Michael Bloomberg, a longtime Republican; well, a lifelong Democrat who decided to become a Republican to run for Mayor of New York City, has decided that he will no longer be a Republican but rather an Independent, potentially to run for President on something akin to the Unity '08 model. Stand by for more details.

Romney Overhauls Website
Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney has overhauled his website recently, adding a new coat of paint and some nifty new features. Still nothing as popular yet as the Hillary "Sopranos" Clinton video.


Anonymous said...

The Danbury Politics Blog (danburypolitics.blogspot.com) has an interesting piece regarding Republicans and national security in 2008.