28 June 2007

The Poll Position

The fine folks down at Quinnipiac University released a poll of swing states Florida, Ohio, and Pennsylvania yesterday, and the results are quite interesting.

On the Democrat side, the juggernaut that is the Hillary Clinton campaign rolls forward inexorably. Peter A. Brown is quoted thus: "Sen. Clinton's numbers are as reliable as a Swiss watch. Her support and lead remain rock solid among the Democrats in these key states." The former First Lady has shown some creativity, with things like this. There is still a great deal of time left to go, but the initial Obama boomlet seems to have fizzled against the Clinton campaign. At this rate, the epic clash between the Republicans and Hillary Clinton seems inevitable.

On the Republican side, all but announced candidate Fred Thompson is rising fast amongst the faithful. More from Brown: "The Fred Thompson express continues to roll. He has passed Sen. John McCain for second place in the Republican field in Florida and Ohio, and caught McCain in Pennsylvania. Now the question is whether his candidacy, once he begins active campaigning, will be as strong in the flesh as it appears on paper." Thompson too, has shown some spunk in using the Internet to respond to critics, not the least of which was this bit (below. Whatever happens, it certainly will prove interesting.