14 June 2007

The Mann Writes

Ted Mann of The Day in New London has the Healy story this morning, noting comments from Governor Rell and former Congressman Rob Simmons on the situation. The Governor had this to say:

"“I'm disappointed to say the least,” Gov. M. Jodi Rell said Wednesday afternoon at a press availability in New Britain, quickly adding, “I do understand that alcoholism is a disease.”"

Former 2nd District Congressman Rob Simmons weighed in:

"“I hired Chris Healy to manage my congressional campaign because I knew it was going to be a very close race and I knew that I was going to need all the talent and ability that I could get to run a competitive race,” Simmons said in a phone interview."

“I have close friends who are in recovery — members of our family have had this disease — and I was of the opinion that if he could stick to his recovery, he could do well, and he did,” Simmons said. “For the 10 months that he worked for me, he ran probably the best campaign in the country, certainly the closest campaign, and he maintained his commitment to his recovery.”