01 June 2007

Lt. Gov. Fedele Scores a Win for Consumers

Lt. Governor Mike Fedele scored one for consumers last night, breaking a tie in the State Senate to end the practice of zone price for gasoline. This legislation would allow the free market to decide the retail price of gas. This legislation has been strongly supported by Governor Rell since it allows oil companies to arbitrarily draw pricing lines around the state, meaning areas in lower Fairfield County who rely heavily on their cars, pay higher gas prices. Good news but the House Democrats have been typically against it as they have with other attempts by House Republicans to cut the tax on gasoline at the pump.


Chuck said...

Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't the Republican candidate for Congress, Sen. Cappiello, vote against the elimination of zone pricing?

Actually, this wasn't a partisan issue what-so-ever. Half of the Democrats voted for it. Half of the Republicans voted against it. It's more of a geographical issue.