15 June 2007

Lieberman Tells Reid Off

Sen. Joseph Lieberman, D-CT, continues to separate himself from the rest of his dreadful Democratic colleagues by correctly analysing the threats to American civilization. As the situation in the Middle East reaches to heights of uncertainly, most recently with the move by Hamas to exterminate the more moderate elements of the Fatah movement in Palestine, Lieberman pointed the finger of blame at Iran. In his interview today on WTIC's Ray and Dianne, Lieberman continued to support the notion of military action against Iran before they begin to waive their nuclear card.

Lieberman also denounced Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid for calling outgoing Joint Chief of Staff General Peter Pace as being "incompetent," as well as saying General David Petreus as "out of touch."

Whatever one thinks about the war, the last thing we need it Democrats bad mouthing our men and women in the field, especially career people who have given their entire lives to service.

Now, Lieberman is still wrong about the Immigration bill and hosts of other issues where he is hopelessly liberal. But on the critical matter of national survival, Lieberman has shown he is an American first.