11 June 2007

'Everyday' News

As you may have noticed, there are a number of updates and features being added to the "big" site, www.ctgop.org as well as some more humble additions to "Everyday" as we at State Central work to provide improved communication with our fellow Republicans, advocate for Connecticut Republicans across the state, and build out the Republican blogosphere in the Constitution State.

On the 'big site', www.ctgop.org , we have added several items which will be of use to Connecticut Republicans as they go about their Party functions. For State Central Committee Members, we have added a page specifically for you so that you can access, in one space, necessary information related to being a State Central Committee member. As this page is constructed, check back regularly so you are aware of the materials available to you.

For Republican Town Committee Chairs, we've added the RTC Chair Information Center, a functionality that was heavily requested by numerous RTC Chairs. Informative materials about the upcoming municipal caucuses are housed here, as well as Goals and Objectives for the summer, and a number of other items. Again, we are working hard to improve our communication between Republican Town Committee Members, Connecticut Republican State Central Committee Members, and Connecticut Republicans HQ.

Many folks may have noticed that the blogs in Connecticut tend to be, in short, left-leaning. The Everyday Republican is our effort to build out a blog that Republicans can visit on a daily basis to find out what is going on at the state legislature in Hartford, in local and statewide races, and hold our Representatives and Senators accountable for their work in Washington. Republicans need a home in the Connecticut blogosphere - we encourage you to find it here.

We've done some exciting things here at Everyday - the Live Blog of the 2007 Prescott Bush Awards Dinner generated 6x the traffic we normally generate - and we will do more here in the near future. Everyday's presence has filled an important void - the data is clear. In the month since we've been tracking, sometime today we will have had over 2,000 unique visitors to The Everyday Republican and our numbers grow each week as more and more Connecticut Republicans discover that we can competently maintain a vibrant blog. So keep coming and tell your friends - the Connecticut Republicans are rising to new heights this summer.