28 June 2007

The Democrats Debate

The Democrats are debating this evening, lest America forget that the Democrats are running for President. Confessionally, its taken quite a bit of fortitude to watch this one, not because it isn't interesting, but rather because its hot, humid, and these debates are starting all to sound the same.

Why Americans of good faith are asked to sit through these debates and use them to judge the quality of the character and decision-making capacity of potential Presidents is beyond me. The French, in all their storied wisdom, seem to do this better than we do. Two candidates having a conversation and dialogue, no structured time limits or Wolf Blitzers to take up more debate time than many of the candidates. But the digression is an exercise in futility.

The rundown:
Governor Bill Richardson - The camera cut to a picture of a young woman in the audience with a rather puzzled look on her face while Richardson was speaking. I feel her pain.

Former Senator John Edwards - The "Two Americas" are back. How I missed them. His dad worked in a mill? Shocked, shocked I say.

Rep. Dennis Kucinich - Oh Dennis.

Former Senator Mike Gravel - I can't help but think that his campaign is the funniest joke ever perpetrated in modern American politics.

Senator Hillary Clinton - She sounds strong tonight; she's got the fire in the belly. Far more energetic tonight than she has been in the past.

Senator Joe Biden - Perhaps the most intelligent and articulate Democrat in the race

Senator Barack Obama - Surprisingly good this evening. Its clear that Obama feels free to pontificate less this evening. But not much less. Good news though, he was tested for AIDS, with his wife, he was quick to point out. Funny, that.

Senator Chris Dodd - What can I add about Chris Dodd? Glad to see that running for President hasn't changed his tune. Good news that Dodd is starting to sound like his fellow Senator Joe Lieberman, as he supports unilateral military action against Islamic radicals in southwest Asia now. Downside is that he supports it in Darfur. As a matter of fact, all of the Democrats sound downright aggressive when it comes to putting a no-fly zone and a security force into Darfur. Funny, that.

At the end of my patience - I made it to the end of the debate! - thankfully the thing is over. I feel like Captain Renault in Casablanca, saying "Round up the usual suspects".


Anonymous said...

In addition to Joe Biden being the most intelligent and articulate Dem in the race, he is also the most attractive.