21 May 2007

Surplus Up Another $202 Million - and Democrats Still Want More!

Governor Rell today announced the state budget surplus continues to grow, up $202 million last month to push Connecticut into the black by $830.6 million.

In her release, the Governor made clear new taxes are off the table:

“The state gained 3,200 jobs in April, and since the beginning of the year we have seen an increase in employment of more than 10,000,” Governor Rell said. “We are steadily creating more and more jobs in every sector and in every section of the state. Those jobs are creating the continuous boost in revenue we are seeing.

“This means that on June 6th, we can conclude the legislative session with a final budget that contains zero tax increases, a property tax cap that will finally give our residents the property tax relief they have been promised for decades and the investments in education that will make our schools the best in the country.

"No tax hikes are necessary in order to make lasting, necessary changes that will bolster our economy and grow jobs over the long-term. Double digit hikes in spending are not necessary, either. People are fed up and want relief from high property taxes, high electricity bills and skyrocketing gas prices. They want action from their state government. They do not want uncontrolled spending and unnecessary tax hikes.”

The Governor noted that as of April, the state was just 4,100 jobs short of its all-time high of 1,700,700 reached in July 2000.