14 May 2007

Simonetti (Still) Wins in Bolton

It's official. The good folks in Bolton conducted the legally mandated recount of ballots cast in their municipal race last Monday to determine the winner of the contest for First Selectman. Just as on Election Night, Republican Bruno Simonetti posted a 450-446 vote win over the Democrat, Leslie K. Shea.

The First Selectman's seat in Bolton is being vacated by longtime Republican First Selectman Bob Morra, who has done a superb job as First Selectman during his tenure. Simonetti looks to continue this honorable legacy as he takes charge.

The recount was necessary because state statute requires all races closer than one half of one percent to be recanvassed. The recanvass was the second in a row for Bolton, as the town also recounted its Congressional election last year when the race between former Congressman Rob Simmons and current Rep. Joe Courtney went to a recount.

With 896 votes cast in the election, Simonetti's 450 votes represents 50.22% of the vote.