31 May 2007

The Gang That Couldn't Tax Straight

Thank you Speaker Amann and Senator Don Williams for showing the people of Connecticut how truly incompetent and dangerous you truly are with the public purse.

Within less than 24 hours of each other, the Senate and then House Democrats passed an unprecedented (Williams called it historic) tax increase on the citizens of our state - despite $1 billion in surplus, $600 million in the rainy day fund, and thousands of fleeing citizens and businesses who see the hand writing on the wall.

In the Senate, Williams squeaked out a 19-17 vote for their plan that will lard on thousands of new ASFME employees, stick it to every small business owner who files under their personal returns, pulls the tax exemption on clothing under $50 and continues to assault on estates and pensions.

Say Goodnight, Ed

One of the Williams' late converts was State Sen. Ed Meyer, D-Guilford, who said it was important to "stand together" as a caucus. He also claimed that some of the new taxes would go to special education needs.
Say goodnight, Ed. We are coming for you. Trust us, every resident in the 12th District is going to learn about your concern for the working people over the next year and a half. And no amount of sleazy double-talk is going to save you.

Amann Does a Fan Dance

The House was as the Courant put it, pure "burlesque." Imagine, the Courant ridiculing the Democrats for raising taxes by a 90-58 margin in such a capricious and silly manner. Even the High Priests of Broad Street aren't buying it.

State Rep. and Former GOP Chairman's Bill Hamzy's amendment to remove taxes on pensions, 401K's and other retirement instruments was defeated, 104-44 as were other similar Republican tax cutting initiatives. Amann presided as if he didn't have a care in the world and seem to relish the moment. He's going to show Gov. Rell who the real boss is, you see.

The Dems even got cute by attaching the summer gas tax cut that House Republicans - thinking that somehow that would compel the Governor to sign the biggest tax incrase since 1991. But not one is buying it.

"It's a farce," said House Republican Leader Lawrence F. Cafero Jr., R-Norwalk. "Everything that was up is down; everything that was down is up."

Watching Amann cavort on the dais was like watching a fat old stripper doing the fan dance half in the bag. How can any of these Democrats look themselves in the mirror?

A few Democrats, fearing for their lives, didn't take the bait, but enough did to get the ball rolling and show the voters in 2008 that the majority party has squandered any right to represent the people's interests.

It is up to Republicans to hold the line, get the word out and not give an inch. Thanks, Jim. Thanks, Don, for bringing us together again.