07 May 2007

Election Day - Bronko, Bruno and Running with Chris

Today, seven towns are holding their municipal elections and in three of them, our Republicans candidates are poised for victory. In Bolton, Bruno Simonetti, our guy for First Selectmen, and his team, led by town chairman Jen Harvey ran a text book campaign, aggressively knocking on doors and being visible at virtually every public event. Harvey is also running for

In Naugatuck, Mike Bronko is finishing very strong, coming off a spectacular debate performance last week against Democrat Curtis Bosco, the early favorite. Mike has simply refused to quit and been an example to all of where hard work can get you in politics. Early voting is strong, but there are reports of ballot machine malfunctions.

While in Woodbridge, Chris Dickerson, a business owner, is taking on Democrat Maum Sheehy. The Republicans have made an issue of Sheehy's absenteeism and indifference toward governance.

Sheehy took over after Amey Marrella took a job with the state. Everywhere your turn in that town, you can see a red and white "Run with Chris" signs. And Chris, who runs, is running well. State Central was able to contribute financially, and with our manpower, to each of these campaigns, as well as in Andover, where Republicans are shooting to grab the majority of the Board of Finance.

Keep them in your prayers today.

Website Running - Click Fred and Help Our Party
Our website at http://www.ctgop.orgis being updated daily with information about Former Sen. Fred Thompson, our keynote speaker at the annual Prescott Bush Awards Dinner on May 24 at the Stamford Sheraton.

You can reserve your tickets on line by just clicking on the picture of Fred and using a major credit card. We urge you to get your tickets now since seating is limited.

This is a make-or-break moment for Connecticut Republicans. The political eyes of the country will be upon us for this dinner. Sen. Thompson recently spoke to the Orange County Republican Club and it turned out 400 people.

We can and must top that! So click on Fred and help Connecticut Republicans.

Gov. Keeps on Tax Cap Pressure - House GOP on the Attack

At the Capitol last week, the debate on taxes continued to be dominated by Republicans. Gov. Rell made an earnest attempt to move her property tax cap plan back into the public debate by appearing before the Legislature's Finance, Revenue and Bonding Committee. Similar proposals in other states have shown real progress in controlling taxes and spending and even some Democrats conceded the plan does have value.

But in their usual way, they waved off the Governor, saying they needed more time to study the proposal and probably couldn't get to it by June 6, the time for adjournment. Some quick research by the State Central office founds dozens of Democratic lawmakers spent a good deal of the 2006 campaign bloviating about the need to control local property tax.

The Governor also hinted she is looking at her tax options in the wake of new revenue numbers and unwillingness of the Democrats to reign in their outrageous spending proposals of 10 percent. House Republican Leader Larry Cafero, R-Norwalk, said this was good news.
Cafero's statement Friday read:

I was encouraged yesterday when WTNH Channel 8 reported that Gov. Rell apparently now believes that hiking the state income tax is not necessary to meet the state's fiscal needs for the next two years!
...Since the Governor announced her budget proposal in February, we have always applauded her efforts to increase funding for education and provide towns and cities with the resources they need...we just believed it could be done without raising taxes, and we did it!

Now it seems that our message is resonating both among lawmakers and Connecticut's taxpayers. It is our hope that by the end of session we can do what's right for Connecticut and come away with a reasonable budget that doesn't raise taxes. I encourage you to call Gov. Rell, thank her for the solid priorities she's set, and tell her to support a budget that does not include tax increases!

Democrats still are walking along as if the public supports their mindless acts of tribute to those who don't work, or those who work for the perpetuation of the state. With the House Republicans' Zero Tax Budget proposal gaining steam in the public mind and in the editorial columns and with Gov. Rell also showing a willingness to modify parts of her proposal, the Democrats are scrambling for answers. So far, they are content to raise taxes on the middle class, declare class warfare on any couple making over $129,000, provide no relief on energy costs and propose a single payer state run health care system that will totally bankrupt our state and finish off any hope of future economic growth.

Probably, the most insulting aspect of the House Democrat proposal is the expansion of the Earned Income Tax Credit, one of the largest thefts of public dollars ever created by politicians. Only Democrats believe you should give a tax cut, our tax money that we pay for working, to people who don't or haven't paid any taxes. The program has been rife with fraud for years, because many who file for it offer no proof of their income.

Courtney & Dodd Unfurl The White Sheets
On the talk shows Sunday, both Democratic Congressman Joe Courtney and U.S. Sen. Chris Dodd reinforced the notion that surrendering to terrorists and hiding behind of valor of our troops is a winning strategy. Courtney huffed on WFSB-TV's "Face the State" continued to gurgle his Pelosi talking points - "no blank check" on war a "the people are way ahead of the Congress on this," and then, oddly shifting gears to embrace the Powell Doctrine. But he took the back end of the Powell Doctrine - to find an exit strategy. Joe then made the claim that the "watershed election year" must be translated into immediate withdrawal - so America's enemies can be rewarded for killing children and unarmed civilians.

Courtney is now naïve and soft. His statements should frighten anyone who cares about the future of this country.

All Little Joe wants to do is curl up in his cubicle and study highlights of the actuarial studies of Canadian utilization rates. Amazing.

On FOX News Sunday, Dodd showed just how desperate he is to get noticed. Looking puffy and half awake, Dodd could barely get his mojo in first gear with Chris Wallace to justify his Presidential experiment. Dodd did his "lets get this country moving again, bring people together," mantra while mumbling that the race was still "early in the process," to count him out. This must be very painful for people for care about Dodd. But it is gratifying that he continues to shake down Connecticut donors to keep this vanity act moving. Less money for other people and the Democrats in general.

Opie, Frances & Wilson Announce for Top Jobs
Three outstanding Republican challengers announced for First Selectmen in Branford, Guilford and Durham last week. Each is in a strong position to improve our party's overall control of town and city halls across Connecticut.

John Opie, former First Selectman of Branford, will take on Democratic incumbent Cheryl P. Morris, and possibly another former First Selectman, Democrat Tony Daros. Opie will be teamed with fellow Republican Kurt Schwanfelder.

Ken Wilson spoke before 75 people on the Guilford Green last week to challenge Democrat Carl A. Balestracci, Jr. Democrats have a 3-2 advantage on the Board of Selectmen. Wilson, a member of the Fire Commission, spoke eloquently on the issues of taxes, planning and education.

And Saturday, on the steps of Durham Town Hall, Town Clerk Laura Frances announced she will be taking on first-term incumbent Democrat James McLaughlin. Frances has served as Town Clerk for the past 10 years and has instituted many reforms in the office, including access to technology. A graduate of Providence College, Frances also turned out close to a 100 people on Saturday.

Liberté, égalité - Conservate' - Sarkozy!!! And finally, overseas - the trends are working our way. It is now safe to go to France again. The overwhelming election of Nicholas "Sarko" Sarkozy as President of France yesterday continues a trend among the western world which is finally waking up to the issues of immigration, terrorism and market based economics. Tory gains in local elections in Britain a week ago, coupled with a leadership challenge to Labor Leader in waiting Gordon Brown, shows a strong conservative trend not seen since 1978 when Margaret Thatcher paved the way for Ronald Reagan. Dick Morris has a nice read on this election and what it means for Hillary. Once could argue the President's economic record notwithstanding, the public is fed up with federal spending and won't open their arms to a takeover of the heath care system by Hillary and company.

Remember, the trend is your friend.