14 May 2007

Democrats to People: Ignore the Facts

Despite the clearly announced fact that the Governor has reassessed the financial spreadsheet and decided that no new taxes are necessary, and totally ignoring the reality of the House Republican "No Tax Increase" Budget, House Democrats continue to pound away with twice-spun facts.

Upon paying a visit to the mailbox, many Connecticut families are finding a black and white mailpiece with Speaker Amann and SuperMajority Leader Chris Donovan, purporting to endorse a tax break for 90% of Connecticut taxpayers. Only Democrats can eliminate the sales tax on clothing under $50, propose a plethora of new taxes on everything within the state's borders that isn't nailed down, and then wave the flag of tax breaks. It would be comical if it weren't so sad.

On the flip side of the piece, the Democrats break it down for people - the Governor's old proposal would have cost the four "example" cases more in tax dollars while the Democrats plan would reduce their taxes as long as they don't buy clothes, shop for things on the Internet, or die.

The Democrats deftly handle the nagging issue of the House Republican "No Tax Increase" Budget by resorting to an old, tried-and-true tactic: ignore the problem until it goes away. Don't buy into the hype - support the House Republican plan to not raise taxes on anyone and then go support Republican candidates this fall.