23 May 2007

Democrats Drop Deadline on Surrender Plan

The Senate Democrats announced today that they are dropping their requirement that troops in Iraq be withdrawn by a date certain. This is certainly a victory in the war on terror and a boost to our troops in the field. It is finally occurring to these Vichy Democrats that their plan is a surrender plan and that most Americans, while frustrated with the progress in Iraq, realize the stakes are too high to simply cut and run.

That still doesn't excuse the votes of Chris Dodd, Rosa DeLauro, Joe Courtney, Chris Murphy and the Captain of the Retreat Brigade, John Larson - all of whom are oblivious to what is going on in the new world we live. Their defeatist position, guided by a misreading of the 2006 Election, is a frightening reminder of what lies head unless we are diligent in our opinions and express them.

Todd Cusano of Rocky Hill sent us this powerful video to remind us of the brave men and women who volunteer their lives everyday to protect our freedoms. the video was put together by 15-year-old Lizzie Palmer, and clip has already received 3 million hits. If she understands the issue, why can't our Congressman get it?