11 May 2007

Democrats Declare Class Warfare

It didn't take them long, but the House Democratic caucus has declared war on taxpayers by promising them a tax cut based on raising taxes on others. Sound familiar? Well, it is from the old playbook used by the liberals who now run Congress.

House Speaker Jim Amann has authorized mailings to households around the state urging the public to back their tax plan which claims to help the little guy and to punish all the swells who made out with the Bush federal tax cuts. Amann has had a chip on his shoulder all his life about people who work for a living, are successful and pay 90 percent of the taxes in this state.

Boss Amann has said on numerous occasions that the "rich can afford it," and that no one has moved out of Connecticut because of the taxes they have paid. Trouble is we have lock pipe cinch evidence to the contrary and Connecticut lost a Congressional seat to prove it. But Boss Amann has a constituency to placate - his own caucus which is run by Majority Leader Chris Donovan, D-Meriden, a fine practitioner of taking down anyone who has made more money that him and his union buddies. They want to hike the income taxes on couples making more than $200,000. That level will probably drop when they see what kind of money they can get to spread around if we don't hold the line.

The biggest scandal is the Democratic desire to expand the Earned Income Tax Credit, one of the most corrupt tax giveaways created by man. It merely gives our tax dollars to people who don't pay taxes - period. Well, which voting block does that help and where? You guessed it - Waterbury, Meriden, Hartford, New Haven and scenic Bridgeport, where most of the House Democratic leadership derives its power from.

So, their plan is simply - redistribute wealth, pour more good money after bad into failing school systems, subsidize health care and public employee unions and watch thousands of our more productive and generous citizens head for the exits.

That is their plan. We must stop it.