30 May 2007

Democrats Burn Midnight Oil to Pass Tax Hike

The SuperMajority Democrats stayed up late last night to pass a tax hike for thousands of Connecticut families and small businesses. While Connecticut's working men and women slept, their elected officials were busy tinkering with the income tax brackets so that they can find a way to afford their massive increases in government spending.

With just a week left in the legislative session, and despite the Governor's steadfast refusal to sign such a measure, Senate Democrats are moving forward with their plan to make the tax structure in Connecticut much more progressive, as though the big problem in our state is having too many successful businesses and families.

Most notable of course was the principled stand by 12th District Senator Ed Meyer, as quoted in the Hartford Courant today. "I decided to try to break the budget logjam" by joining with Williams, Meyer said. "We need to stand together." Senator Meyer's constituents certainly will have something to say about his voting to significantly raise their taxes simply for unity among Senate Democrats.

Call your legislators today, send them an e-mail, and blog about the need for a NO TAX INCREASE budget.