30 November 2007

Dodd Stealth Campaign Continues

From Hitwise:

1. http://www.barackobama.com/ 26.95%
2. http://www.hillaryclinton.com/ 25.19%
3. http://www.johnedwards.com/ 19.67%
4. http://www.dennis4president.com/ 10.51%
5. http://www.joebiden.com/ 8.93%
6. http://www.richardsonforpresident.com/ 4.85%
7. http://www.chrisdodd.com/ 2.03%
8. http://www.gravel2008.us/ 1.86%

Senator Chris Dodd's apparent "stealth campaign" continues to go well. His website is polling behind Dennis Kucinich, not to mention Sen. Biden and Gov. Richardson. "Margin of Error" is beating him in his adopted state of Iowa. Things are even worse in New Hampshire. Even Dr. House would have a hard time fixing Dodd's numbers.


mccommas said...

I hope his senate re-election race goes as well...

Anonymous said...

"She's a little concerned that reindeer can't land anywhere."

Jackie Dodd, wife of Democratic presidential candidate Chris Dodd, on their 6-year-old daughter's worry that Santa won't find them in Iowa.